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Innovation 2016

Optimas T22

Ideal entry into mechanical paver installation for everybody to work with innovative and economic technology from world market leader.

... concentrates on the essential. Due to the design T22 ensures with a brilliant price-performance ratio! Solid, maintenance friendly and easy operation are the remarkable attributes!

Underground garage suitable. (Clearance height 2m)

‘‘Basic“ features:

  • Paver-Grab “Multi6” incl. tap down device
  • Hydraulic rotator head 300°
  • Half automatic
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Powder coated color
  • 3 working lights ( 2 in front – 1 rear)
  • Warning light
  • Seat with arm rest
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Adjustable pedal
  • Hand grip operation /Joystick
  • Hour counter
  • Resettable work cycle counter
  • Horn

‘‘Comfort“ options:

  • Cabin
  • Heating
  • Radio

Paver Clamp – all gripper systems from one source.

We will give you competent advice in regard to which system is best-suited for your individual requirements. The available options are:

Optimas Paver Clamp „Multi6“ Optimas Paver Clamp „Easy1“
(6 gripper arms with 6 cylinders) or (2 gripper arms with 1 cylinder)

Technical data:
Height 2.000 mm
Length 3.700 mm without Paver-Grab, 4.000mm with Paver-Grab
Width 1.200 mm
Weight 1.100 kg
Further Data Diesel engine, 3 cylinders, water-cooled with electrical ventilation, 14,8 kW (20,1 hp), noise-insulated, hydrostatic traction drive with one-pedal steering control, fully hydraulic four-wheel turntable/articulated steering, rear suspension with independent pendulum wheel suspension, hydrostatic locking brake; tank capacity 24 litres diesel, coating according to RAL 2004 powder-coated, CE-certified


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